"KNECHTing" with Math

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Wow, it is already December which means the second quarter will end soon.  Take these last few weeks to get things in order for the end of the semester.  See me if you have any questions.

Check Powerschool regularly and communicate with me frequently.

For several years, I have offered Academic Support days on one Friday per month throughout the year.  These days are meant for students who are struggling with certain concepts, students who have missing assignments that are well past due, students who need to make up tests and quizzes, and students who just want to improve their mathematical thinking.  Students must sign up in advance in order to attend and they must come with a plan in place for what they intend to accomplish.  Please see me if there are any questions regarding Academic Support Day. 

Tentative Academic Support Dates

September 8 - Completed

October 6  - Completed

November 10 - Completed

December 15

January - none planned

February 2

March 2

April 6

May 18

Dates were chosen to coincide with events on the district calendar but may be subject to change.

I am very proud of the work we do in my classroom.  It is active, noisy and sometimes frustrating but I know that there is a lot of learning going on.  I don't say it enough but I appreciate the hard work of my students. I want you to know how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to be a part of your education. 

We will continue to work on review skills as well as new content.  Math can be tough but with hard work, you will succeed.

If you are struggling, please see me.  If you are not turning in work, you will not be as successful as you could otherwise be.  Math requires practice so get your homework done and turned in and your grade will reflect the effort.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you have.