"KNECHTing" with Math

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By now we all know that with every good thing comes some rules.  These are meant to keep us all safe and give us a good learning environment. Please keep your course syllabus handy so that there are no questions about my policies and procedures.  Thanks.





In order for you to be successful, I will do my best to provide the support that you need.  Please know that success comes with effort.  I am confident that with mutual effort, it will be a positive, productive year.

I can't emphasize enough how important good attendance is, especially in a math class.  Do your very best to be in class every day.

My advice to everyone is to save any papers you get returned.  If there is any doubt about grades being entered, you want to be able to have something to back up what you say.

Please make sure to check the calendar when you return from absences.  The classroom calendar is the official record of homework given.  Work must be made up per the policy in the school handbook or it is late! All late work is worth 50% of the points earned and will only be accepted for the duration of the corresponding chapter.  Absent work must be turned in at the beginning of class (within the first 5 minutes) on the day that it is due.  After that, it will be considered late and will only earn 50% of the possible points.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Due to an excessive number of students leaving school during the school day, I wanted to correct a problem situation that has arisen. Although I appreciate students asking for their work before they leave, I will not stop whole class instruction to give one departing student their assignment. I will be available to answer any questions about assignments before/after school and between classes, but not during class. Assignments are posted on my board, on the class calendar and on my website. Students are asked to look there for what they will be missing by being absent from class. Please understand that some assignments require verbal instructions for clarification and students may miss that information by not being in the classroom. As always, it is better not to miss instruction time if at all possible.  I appreciate your understanding on this matter.