"KNECHTing" with Math

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7:30-8:10          1st  - Access Hour

8:13-9:08          2nd Hour - Math Support

9:11-10:06         3rd Hour - 6th Grade Math

10:09-11:04       4th Hour  - 6th Grade Advanced Math

11:07-12:02       5th Hour - Accelerated Algebra

12:05-12:35       Lunch

12:38-1:33         6th  Hour - 6th Grade Math

1:36:2:31           7th Hour - 6th Grade Math

2:34-3:30           8th Hour - Planning Period

My office hours are Tuesday afternoon from 3:30-4:00 (during the seasons that I coach, I will be available only until 3:45).  Parents and students are welcome to come in for a visit at that time.  Please check in at the office before coming back to the the classroom.  If you need to see me at a different time, please call the office or email me to schedule a meeting time.

I coach Volleyball and Track, I have game duty on a variety of days during the basketball season,  a weekly meeting before school on Tuesday and I am on bus duty before and after school on Monday.  I will be unable to meet without prior arrangements being made so please plan to use my office hours if at all possible.  I will be do my best to be as available as possible given the active life of a middle school teacher.